Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had my appointment today with my gynecologist for my annual, and to discuss our decision to take a 6 month break from TTC. I love my GYN. She's such a wonderful person and made me feel a lot better. She always spends at least an hour with me and we talk things through. I even let all my pent up emotions go and cried in there for a while. I felt like a heel, but it needed to come out, and she's the one it came out at. lol..

She said the RE that we saw is very good at what he does, but he's very rough around the edges. She described him as NOT "warm and fuzzy". I couldn't agree more. She said he's very matter of fact and some things that he said could have been taken the wrong way, meaning sounding worse than they actually are. I felt a little better after hearing her say that. I asked her if I were to get pregnant right now at my current weight and blood sugar levels, would it be a dangerous pregnancy, and her answer was no. I felt a ton better. Regardless, we are still taking a break to focus on weight loss, because after all, it is necessary and could only help. She is on board with the plan and the up dosage of Metformin (barf). I have no idea if I actually ovulated on clomid last cycle or not, (I'm guessing so) if I did, my period is expected in 2 days. They did an pregnancy test, which was of course a BFN, considering we didn't BD at the right times. So the plan is, if I don't get my period by Dec. 29th, I need to call her for Provera. We need to make sure I still have a bleed at least once every 6 wks. She also said together with the Metformin, the weight loss might actually help me start cycling on my own again and we might even get knocked up during our 6 month wait. :)

She professionally declined giving me birth control during our wait. We talked about it, and she thinks it would do more harm than good at this point. So, I'm kinda happy about that. I wasn't looking forward to start taking it again anyway.

After talking, we did my annual, and come to find out, I have a damn yeast infection!! I thought something wasn't feeling right down there the last few days, but I've never had one before and I had no idea what it felt like. I guess I'm lucky I had an appointment at the right time so she could prescribe a pill to make it go away! Sure am looking forward to that. Yucky itchyness.

At the end, she told me that even though it's difficult that we're taking a break, I need to look at it as PART of the journey, not stopping the journey to pick it up again later. It's all part of the process that will get us a little baby someday. :)