Monday, December 27, 2010


Well... It was negative. Of course it was negative. What was I thinking getting my hopes up a tiny bit. At least I didn't have time
To think about it at all over the weekend, what a whirlwind Christmas we had! But still no period. I've had tender sore nipples for about a week now but still nothing. On Wednesday I have to call my doctor for provera if I've still had no progress. I feel like that's really taking a step back, but what are you gonna do. Sigh. Just part of the game.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

6 days late.

Today, my period is 6 days late.

Honestly? I feel.... I don't know how I feel. I think mostly angry that my body is doing this. (of course if I am miraculously pregnant, I won't be angry) I feel like just when I'm starting to feel okay about moving on with our 6 month break, my body slaps me in the face and says, "Haha! I'm gonna mess with your head just one last time!!" These last 2 cycles on clomid have been absolutely fantastic in the fact that my body was acting normal and being so regular. Like clockwork, on cd 21 I'd get the positive opk and at 12 dpo my period would start. It was great! I was finally being "regular" for once. And now this. I didn't do anything differently this cycle. I took clomid 150 mgs on cds 3-7. Although I didn't keep track with opks (for which I am now kicking myself, but I thought it would make things easier emotionally since we had decided to stop trying) I thought I felt ovulation happen on cd 19 (earlier than normal too. I even had a little ewcm) and I was expecting my period by December 17th at the latest. They took a pregnancy test at the doctor's office 8 days ago and it was negative, so I went on with my life. Now I'm doubting everything again.

Of course, the logical thing to do would be to test again, right? And I will tomorrow morning if AF doesn't show today, but I don't even want to. I don't "feel" pregnant. I don't feel anything. And if I test and see that empty space where the line for a positive should be, I don't want it to upset me. I feel like I've made strides in the right direction as far as accepting the things I cannot change and moving on. I just feel like saying, "why now?" couldn't I have just started my period like normal and not even have to be having these thoughts? I'm frustrated.

I have a lot of stress this month. A LOT. It could be as simple as that, the reason why I'm late. Or it could be that clomid didn't work for me this cycle and there was no ovulation. Or I guess it could be a miracle, considering we didn't BD at the right times, and I am pregnant. But I'm not holding my breath. Regardless, I have to test before I call the GYN for provera. So I guess one more round of torture is right up ahead. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I had my appointment today with my gynecologist for my annual, and to discuss our decision to take a 6 month break from TTC. I love my GYN. She's such a wonderful person and made me feel a lot better. She always spends at least an hour with me and we talk things through. I even let all my pent up emotions go and cried in there for a while. I felt like a heel, but it needed to come out, and she's the one it came out at. lol..

She said the RE that we saw is very good at what he does, but he's very rough around the edges. She described him as NOT "warm and fuzzy". I couldn't agree more. She said he's very matter of fact and some things that he said could have been taken the wrong way, meaning sounding worse than they actually are. I felt a little better after hearing her say that. I asked her if I were to get pregnant right now at my current weight and blood sugar levels, would it be a dangerous pregnancy, and her answer was no. I felt a ton better. Regardless, we are still taking a break to focus on weight loss, because after all, it is necessary and could only help. She is on board with the plan and the up dosage of Metformin (barf). I have no idea if I actually ovulated on clomid last cycle or not, (I'm guessing so) if I did, my period is expected in 2 days. They did an pregnancy test, which was of course a BFN, considering we didn't BD at the right times. So the plan is, if I don't get my period by Dec. 29th, I need to call her for Provera. We need to make sure I still have a bleed at least once every 6 wks. She also said together with the Metformin, the weight loss might actually help me start cycling on my own again and we might even get knocked up during our 6 month wait. :)

She professionally declined giving me birth control during our wait. We talked about it, and she thinks it would do more harm than good at this point. So, I'm kinda happy about that. I wasn't looking forward to start taking it again anyway.

After talking, we did my annual, and come to find out, I have a damn yeast infection!! I thought something wasn't feeling right down there the last few days, but I've never had one before and I had no idea what it felt like. I guess I'm lucky I had an appointment at the right time so she could prescribe a pill to make it go away! Sure am looking forward to that. Yucky itchyness.

At the end, she told me that even though it's difficult that we're taking a break, I need to look at it as PART of the journey, not stopping the journey to pick it up again later. It's all part of the process that will get us a little baby someday. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming to terms...

I've been kinda avoiding my blog since we made the decision to take a break. I haven't even really posted on here that we have. Basically, the visit to the RE was less than ideal, for me. I was left feeling confused and still determined, but my husband had to reign me in and make me see clearly. The Dr (whom I wasn't too crazy about) diagnosed me with a variant of PCOS. Basically what that means for me, is that I'm badly insulin resistant and have a tendency to have high blood sugar and to put on unnecessary weight. My body does not process sugars and fats the way it should, and not knowing I had it and leaving it untreated with my current diet has put me in a bad bad place weight wise. I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and I don't like it at all. Unfortunately, that means that if I were to become pregnant right now, there would be a lot of risks involved. High blood sugar during pregnancy causes you to develop gestational diabetes and also it can cause birth defects. My weight would affect my blood pressure, since my heart would be pumping double the blood for the baby, and that is extremely dangerous. The reason I'm not ovulating is due to the fact that the PCOS is screwing with my hormones and sending the wrong signals to the ovaries. I guess essentially, my body is trying to save itself by not letting me become pregnant.. Once I realized that, it was kind of hard to swallow, but true.

The doctor layed out a plan that would override my body with drugs and have me pregnant by April he said, but without saying the words, he advised against it. When I heard that, I was ecstatic. All I heard was "Pregnant by April". My husband on the other hand, had his head on right, and heard all the bad things that would likely happen. We had a talk on the way home and he made me realize that Yes, we want a baby. But we want a healthy baby, and a healthy pregnancy. Why put myself and our child through the risks of serious consequences if we can avoid it? He is so right. I don't want to be bed ridden and sick and have to inject myself with insulin everyday just to keep myself alive while I'm pregnant. That's not what I picture in my head. I want to be a beautiful, glowing pregnant lady that has a ton of energy to keep going until I deliver. That dream was pretty much shattered at the doctor's office.

So here's the new plan. I am on some serious medication (twice the dose I was on before) to help regain control of my insulin resistance and on a diet and exercise plan to help me lose about 40 lbs before we start trying again. That should help lower the risks significantly and help me have that healthy pregnancy we both want. I'm going to my GYN on December 15th to pick up birth control pills and to have my annual exam to make sure everything up there looks good after all these rounds of fertility treatments. 6 month break, minimum, then we'll re evaluate.

At first, I had a very hard time letting go. We've been at this for almost a full year, and I felt like I was giving up. But after thinking about it and realizing all the things I needed to accept, I feel better about it already. It's still hard sometimes, of course, when I think about it and wanting something so strongly that I can't have right now. But it's for the best.

Anyway.. I'm rambling. I imagine I won't have too many posts these next 6 months, but I'll check in from time to time.